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When couples divorce, the most hostile disagreements usually revolve around custody and visitation rights. Conflicts can arise when both parents want to have the lion’s share of parenting time. Courts, however, look to the best interest of the child in making decisions and that decision may or may not reflect traditional custody arrangements. At Watson McKinney, LLP, our family law attorney, Rebekah McKinney, has been advocating in the best interests of children for many years. We focus on results and favorable resolutions and facilitate a smooth transition for you and your family.

Creating parenting plans that work

Alabama courts want a child to have a relationship, including regular contact, with both parents. Unless there are issues of abuse, the courts generally require that a child divides time between each parent.  A child custody order includes more than just the time a child spends with each parent.  Orders involve both responsibility and time spent with each parent, and cover:

- Legal custody (joint or sole)— This pertains to making important decisions, but does not include day-to-day affairs, including but not limited to:

-  Education
-  Healthcare
-  Religion and religious education
-  Extracurricular Activities

- Physical custody — Physical custody is the actual time a child lives with a parent.

- Joint custody – legal and/or physical — This is when parents share legal decisions and when a child splits time between parents. This time can be split unevenly and still considered “joint”.

- Sole custody– legal and/or physical —This is when one parent has the legal authority to make decisions and the child lives primarily with one parent and visits the other.

Physical and legal custody can be divided. For example, both parent may have joint legal custody and make major decisions together, but only one parent has sole physical custody. Likewise, a child may split time between parents who have joint physical custody, but only one parent makes the important decisions, as the mother or father have sole legal custody.

What are my parental rights in Alabama?

If you are the custodial parent with sole legal and physical custody, the law is quite clear. You have the right to make all major decisions and your child resides primarily with you and visits the other parent on a pre-determined basis. Many families have joint agreements in which both parents have rights to make decisions or have the child live with them.

Sometimes parents agree to certain custody arrangements due to schedules or other practical reasons. Other times a court decides for them. As your counsel, Watson McKinney, LLP advocates on your behalf keeping in mind the best interest of your child.

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