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Representing clients suffering from injuries caused by the negligence of others

Although none of us relishes the idea of getting into an accident which necessitates a sudden trip to the hospital for treatment of an injury, accidents and injuries remain an unfortunate fact of life. Very often, an unforeseen injury can have a drastic effect on both a person’s quality of life, as well as their financial situation.

At the law firm of Watson McKinney LLP, our experienced accident attorneys are dedicated to helping injured Huntsville residents determine whether they may be entitled to compensation for an injury that was not their fault, but was instead caused by the negligence of somebody else. Reckless drivers, indifferent business owners or careless neighbors—all of these individuals owe a duty to the public at large to prevent accidents, and it is our goal to hold them accountable when they fail to do so.

What accident injuries are the most common?

Negligence can cause injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to death. Some of the most common injuries suffered by people as the result of the negligence of others are:

  • Head, brain, neck and spine injuries are often caused by vehicular accidents involving cars, trucks or motorcycles, but can also be caused by conditions as seemingly benign as a wet floor.

  • Fractures and sprains, which often require an extended healing process, costing the victim both in medical expenses and lost wages

  • Internal injuries, such as damage to the liver, bowels, kidney or spleen can also be caused by negligence ranging from blunt force trauma inflicted during a strong-arm robbery to use of a defective medical device.

  • Skin injuries, ranging from bruises and abrasions to lacerations and burns, and even scarring and permanent disfigurement.

  • Psychological injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder can also be a consequence of a horrifying traffic accident or a violent, criminal attack

These injuries often require extended, expensive medical treatment, and can be devastating for the injured victims and their loved ones

How can injured accident victims fight back?

In Alabama, we each owe a duty to one another to prevent foreseeable accidents. Here are examples of some of certain legal duties, and how they can be applied in personal injury law:

  • Most of us when driving, for example, stop at red lights and stop signs. Although the possibility of getting a ticket is certainly a motivating factor, our duty to prevent such an accident arises from the obvious foreseeability of striking and injuring another car or pedestrian if we fail to stop.

  • Supermarket employees are trained to be as vigilant about warning shoppers of a spill on a tile floor—and continually inspecting the floor for spills spills—as they are about cleaning up such spills. Preventing a customer being seriously injured by slipping on a floor is a far more urgent duty than simple tidiness.

  • This duty can even extend to manufacturers of auto parts or medical devices—when a manufacturer becomes aware that a defect in one of their products may cause an accident or injury, it then has a duty to take appropriate measures to prevent such incidents, whether by issuing a product recall, issuing new warnings and instructions to those using the product, or redesigning the product. All too often, however, manufactures have instead attempted to cover up these types of problems.

In representing injured clients, a skilled Alabama accident attorney, applying the facts of a particular case, can prove a defendant’s negligence by successfully demonstrating that the defendant breached the duty owed to their client, and that this breach caused their client’s injury.

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