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While modern technology has done much to improve our lives, it has also created new, widespread, and sometimes deadly problems for Alabama residents.

In the face of an increasing number of accidents caused by texting and driving, Huntsville passed an ordinance in 2010 banning texting and driving, and the entire State of Alabama passed an even tougher law in 2012. However, as the experienced Huntsville distracted driving attorneys at the law firm of Watson McKinney LLP are well aware, criminalizing texting and driving can never prevent these accidents from happening, and help those who are injured by a distracted driver.

How serious is the problem of texting while driving?

Studies have indicated that the likelihood of an accident increases twenty-three times when a driver is texting. The basis for this increase is obvious—texting while driving requires a driver to remove at least one hand from the wheel, and to turn their focus away from traffic. In fact, a texting driver is only actually looking at the road for an average of one out of every six seconds. This means that at fifty-five miles per hour, a texting driver can travel the length of a football field without looking at the road.

Another issue confronted in the fight against texting and driving is that younger drivers, who are already a higher accident risk, are also the drivers most likely to text while driving. In one 2011 study, 45% of high school students admitted to texting while driving within the previous thirty days, compared to 31% of all drivers. In fact, the number of teenagers killed annually in texting-related accidents now surpass those killed in alcohol-related accidents. Because of this, in addition to the statewide texting ban, Alabama law now prohibits all drivers under the age of eighteen from using a cell phone at all.

What we can do about the texting while driving problem in Alabama?

Because texting is considered a “primary” offense in Alabama, police officers are permitted to pull over motorists for cell phone use without needing any other justification, such as speeding, for the traffic stop. Also, when a driver causes an accident while texting and driving, the result could be a criminal charge of reckless endangerment. Finally, while this state ban provides that a first-time texting while driving violation nets only a $25 fine, local municipalities can increase this fine, and car insurance companies have indicated that a ticket for texting while driving can have the same adverse effect on insurance rates as a speeding ticket.

Despite these laws, and despite growing public awareness of the problem, no significant reduction in the rate of auto accidents caused by texting has yet been reported; in fact, the possibility remains that the reported rate may be artificially low because texting drivers, following an accident, may be likely to deny their texting activity.

At the Huntsville law firm of Watson McKinney LLP, our experienced Northern Alabama distracted driving attorneys are committed to holding texting drivers responsible for their actions, by going after them on behalf of the people injured due their negligence. Injuries caused by these drivers can range from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, permanent disability, and even death, and we have the knowledge and the medical understanding to fight for the maximum compensation that our clients deserve.

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