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With more than 45 years combined experience, the attorneys at Watson McKinney, LLP help residents throughout North Alabama handle divorce and other family matters. Our firm believes in resolving issues as amicably as possible, but when a stronger hand is needed, we fight vigorously to protect your best interests. Attorney Rebekah McKinney is our lead family law attorney and is experienced in both negotiation and litigation. Some frequently asked family law questions:

- How do I get custody of my child?
- Can I keep my house and car?
- We have a lot of debt, what does that mean for our divorce?
- I’m serving in the military. Does that make a difference in my divorce?
- My ex has stopped paying alimony and child support. What can I do in Alabama?

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Although we provide general information on our website, the best way to get the answers you need is to speak with us in person. Call 800-294-5112 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation. At this meeting, we will get a clear understanding of your situation and begin preparing your case. There is a $300 consultation fee for the initial visit. We handle family law matters for clients throughout North Alabama, including Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Athens, Scottsboro, Ft. Payne, Guntersville, and surrounding areas.

How do I get custody of my child?

Judges and family advocates recognize the importance of having both parents involved in a child’s life. In Alabama, courts may order joint custody in which parents share time and responsibilities. That said, the court may choose to grant sole custody in cases of abandonment, history of abuse or circumstances in which a parent isn’t suited to raise a child. Although every situation is different, as your legal counselor we advocate on your behalf and demonstrate how it is in your child’s best interest to be with you.

Can I keep my house and car?

In Alabama the general principal is “equitable” distribution of property. That said, there may be specific factors that dictate “who gets what”. If you own multiple larger assets or properties, or if you had pre-marital assets, you may be able to keep them. As part of the divorce process your attorney spends time with you itemizing large ticket items (houses, cars, boats, financial assets, etc.). The more you can work out amicably with your spouse, the easier the division of assets becomes.

We have a lot of debt, what does that mean for our divorce?

Unfortunately, most families have debt, from consumer debt, such as credit cards, to mortgages, home equity or student loans.  As part of the distribution of property, your divorce includes distributing debt between the two parties. We discuss debt as part of our initial consultation so you can get an idea of how your debt will impact your financial situation post-divorce.

I’m serving in the military. Does that make a difference in my divorce?

Military life is difficult on families, and many end in divorce. Federal law has specific rules (including The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act) which may impact your situation. We have helped many military members and military spouses navigate the laws that govern military members, divorce and issues related to support. As with other divorces, some support questions depend on the length of marriage.

My ex has stopped paying alimony and child support. What can I do in Alabama?

There are several legal options available including wage garnishment. If you pay support and you have lost your job, or you or your ex have had significant changes of situation, we may consider a modification to your support depending on the circumstances. Contact our office to review the best plan of action based on your circumstances.


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