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Our firm focuses on litigation, including high-asset divorce, personal injury, civil rights, discrimination, complex litigation, class actions, corporate and business, and employment law. 

Local Counsel

We appear regularly in local state and federal courts and have extensive experience in both, and we frequently serve as local counsel for those whose primary practice is elsewhere.  We can do as much or as little as you want or need for us to do, from covering hearings and depositions, to giving you a convenient and comfortable office that can be your home-away-from-home and your center of operations while you are here. And, we can dedicate the time, effort, and resources to pursue our cases to the very end.

Attorney Referrals 

Our firm enjoys a successful track record. We will invest the resources necessary to properly prepare cases for the benefit of our joint clients. We value the relationships we have built with lawyers across the state of Alabama and the country, and we work closely with referring counsel to make sure case information is regularly available and referral fees are maximized.  

Capital Resources

We have the financial resources required to keep a case moving and the capital to obtain the best expert witnesses, to fund a thorough investigation, and to undertake the research necessary to fully prepare cases for trial.

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