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Business Lawyer Huntsville

Business and contract disputes can involve current or former employees, business partners, other company owners, vendors, customers, and others. If you are looking for Huntsville business lawyers, our firm has extensive experience in these business and commercial matters.

Business owners in Huntsville and throughout northern and central Alabama turn to our firm for legal guidance and advocacy.

Watson McKinney interprets contract terms, determines if a breach of contract has occurred, and proceeds towards a resolution that protects your interests and your bottom line.

Business Interruption Claims

Does your business have coverage for business interruption claims? Business interruption claims are complex and challenging.  You may have coverage for business interruption claims, but they could be denied if not presented correctly. Some insurance policies may contain business interruption coverage which could address a business loss. We can help.

Business & Commercial Matters

In addition to those listed below, our firm provides a full range of business and commercial law services such as negotiating, drafting and reviewing business and employment contracts, sales contracts, employment agreements, vendor contracts, and purchase agreements. Click on any of the following for more information:



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Business Disputes

Shareholder Disputes

Minority Shareholder Litigation

Small Business Litigation

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