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Huntsville Trial Lawyer

First and foremost, attorney Rebekah McKinney is a trial lawyer, and she has the time and resources to devote to litigation.


Litigation is what attorney Rebekah McKinney does. Representing people in personal injury, civil rights, discrimination, complex litigation, class actions, business and commercial, and employment law is our focus. We have the time and resources to take on any foe.

Huntsville trial lawyer Rebekah McKinney concentrates her litigation practice in the following areas.


Personal Injury Litigation

In addition to those listed below, attorney Rebekah McKinney is experienced in handling personal injury cases such as dangerous drugs or medical devices, medical malpractice, and wrongful death. Click on any of the following for more information:

Business and Commercial Litigation

In addition to those listed below, attorney Rebekah McKinney provides a full range of business and commercial litigation. Click on any of the following for more information:

  • Business Disputes
  • Business Dissolutions
  • Minority Shareholder Litigation
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Small Business Litigation

High-Asset Divorce Litigation

In addition to those listed below, Watson McKinney provides a full range of high-asset divorce and family litigation services such as modification orders, military divorces, adoptions, and divorces involving family businesses. Click on any of the following for more information:


Civil Rights Litigation

The U.S. Constitution and federal laws provide a host of rights that all citizens should enjoy. And, a violation of those rights gives rise to a lawsuit to enforce them and in some cases to award damages for their denial. They involve discrimination based on:

  • ​Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual preference
  • Pregnancy
  • Disabilities
  • Religion
  • Voting rights
  • Housing
  • Right to free speech

Class Action Litigation

Attorney Rebekah McKinney has handled a number of class action lawsuits and has the experience and resources to pursue certification of a class action. If you believe that your case may involve a class or classes of plaintiffs, give us a call. We want to work with you.

Complex Litigation

While many lawyers are experienced in litigation, few have had the opportunity to successfully participate in complex litigation. Whether an MDL or class action or multiple parties or bet-the-farm issues, attorney Rebekah McKinney has the resources and experience to take them on. We’d love to speak with you about how we can pursue your complex litigation without your betting the farm. But if you want or need to, we have the wherewithal to as well.

Discrimination​​ Litigation

Discrimination takes many forms and not all are actionable under the law. Watson McKinney has extensive experience handling a wide range of discrimination cases regardless of the setting or the type of discrimination.  Let us help you determine whether an action is actionable.

Employment Litigation

Litigation arising out of employment matters takes many forms. Not all terminations, demotions, or a change in working conditions are actionable. But, when they are, our knowledge and experience can prove valuable for evaluating and pursuing any recovery. Discrimination, overtime pay, breach of contract, and non-competes are just a few of the many areas with which we have dealt.

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Car Accidents

Personal Injury


  • Personal Injury Litigation

  • Business & Commercial Litigation

  • High-Asset Divorce Litigation

  • Civil Rights Litigation

  • Class Action Litigation

  • Complex Litigation

  • Discrimination Litigation

  • Employment Litigation

Business & Commercial

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