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Truck Accidents

Huntsville Truck Accident Lawyer

Huntsville truck accident lawyer Rebekah McKinney is committed to your recovery and will fight to put the pieces back together after a truck accident.

An accident with a commercial truck is rarely minor. If you have experienced an accident with an 18-wheeler or large semi truck, not only should you be compensated for your injuries, but also for how the injuries will affect you in the future.

Huge 18-wheelers and commercial trucks provide a needed service, transporting the goods we need that add quality to our lives. They bring us the food we put on our tables, the clothes we wear, and even the cars we drive. Despite the important role they serve, these commercial trucks also pose a major risk on the road. It is critical that they be properly maintained, and that only experienced and conscientious drivers get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Our truck accident law firm has represented clients who have been in accidents with the following types of trucks:
  • Semi-trucks

  • Tractor trailers

  • 18-wheelers

  • Commercial trucks

Who is Liable in a Truck Accident?

With respect to 18-wheelers, in addition to the rules of the road, negligence or liability may be shown by violations of applicable federal regulations which govern interstate commercial transportation by truck, which are promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

These regulations are intended to prevent accidents involving 18-wheelers. If a truck driver violates these regulations, that may result in actionable negligence or liability.

While nothing can change the devastation of an accident, you may be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, damaged property, and pain and suffering.


Though it won't help you feel better, it can help start your life again. Attorney Rebekah McKinney is ready to serve as your legal ally, helping you fight for the compensation you deserve for your injury and losses.
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