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Bad Faith Insurance

Huntsville Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

Huntsville insurance bad faith attorney Rebekah McKinney fights insurers that take advantage of their policyholders.

What is Bad Faith Insurance?

  • Have you recently made a claim with your insurance company, only to encounter excuses and delays instead of receiving the benefit you deserve?
  • Was the payment your insurance company offered far less than what you were entitled to?
  • Has your insurance company refused to pay a claim that you have made under your policy? ​


If your insurance company has done this, you may have a claim for bad faith in addition to the sum your insurance company owes you. Bad faith claims can carry punitive damages.

Bad Faith Insurance Examples

Some unscrupulous insurance companies have strategies that are intended to prevent or delay legitimate insurance claims whether the result of property damage, medical expenses, lost revenue, or other claims. We’ve seen many strategies. And, our insurance bad faith law firm has taken steps to hold the insurance companies accountable.

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