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Those Summertime Personal Injuries

With summer fast upon us, unfortunately, so are summertime injuries. While most are preventable, accidents nevertheless happen. Some are caused by no fault of our own. And still, others arise from the treatment or improper treatment of such injuries. And many result in someone’s death. Regardless, and, again, unfortunately, many of those responsible for such accidents, injuries, and deaths do not accept or even acknowledge their responsibility and must be forced to compensate those who have suffered as a result of their wrongdoing or negligence. One of the rewards of doing what we do is seeing that they do.

While we’ve all spent more time outdoors over the last year, we will spend even more now that the weather is nicer. And with COVID restrictions easing, we are all looking forward to spending more time with those with whom we did not get to during the pandemic.

All of the pent-up anticipation and additional activity means more:

Of course, not all of these injuries are compensable. Not every accident is caused by someone’s negligence. But often there may be legal liability for a person or company that contributed to an injury or death which is not obvious.

Frequently, for example, a defective product is the cause of what many simply chalk up as accidents. Perhaps a product was not designed well or the hazards associated with using it were not readily apparent or any warnings were not effectively given or were incomplete. Even injuries and deaths resulting from an auto accident for which there appears no-fault are actually caused by some defect in the car, some component of it, the roadway, or signage.

If there is a serious injury or death, a complete and thorough investigation by experts is the only way to determine who or who all may be responsible.

Experts usually need to be engaged as soon as possible after an accident occurs so that they can make that determination while the evidence is fresh, before the product or conditions are altered, and before memories fade.

Our Huntsville personal injury lawyers regularly handle cases involving catastrophic injuries and deaths. We have a host of expert witnesses with whom we routinely work to investigate accidents and what causes them.

We hope that your summer is safe and enjoyable. But know that our personal injury attorneys are here to help if you need us.


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