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Summertime Personal Injuries to Children

This summer will be a little different than last year’s. People are more freely gathering, traveling, and going. Though accidents can always happen, there will be more opportunities for mishaps. And accidents aren’t always accidents. What may appear at first blush to be “just one of those things” might be the result of a defective product or the negligence of someone not immediately apparent. While we certainly hope you can avoid these injuries, not all are avoidable. Our personal injury attorneys are here to help when they aren’t.

Here are some all-too-common summertime accidents which impact children, for which there may be liability:

Dog Bites.

Everybody loves a dog but not all dogs do so well with children. Dog bites can be particularly scarring to children, both physically and emotionally. Teach children how to treat dogs gently, have them avoid putting their face near the face of a dog, don’t let them disturb a dog while sleeping or eating, never leave a child unattended with a dog, ask the dog’s owner before letting a child approach or pet the dog, and look for signs that a dog isn’t enjoying the interaction. If your child is bitten or attacked by a dog this summer and is seriously injured, it might be time to consult with a dog bite lawyer regarding a potential dog bite lawsuit. We can help.


Many children are injured in stores by falling displays, sharp shelving, tripping hazards, slippery floors, and other hazards. If your child is injured in a store, let the management know as soon as possible. Don’t make assumptions about what happened when filling out reports and be careful about signing documents that you are presented. If your child is seriously injured as a result of a slip and fall in a store this summer, it might be time to consult with a slip and fall injury attorney. We can help.

Swimming Pools.

The most serious hazard with swimming pools is drowning. Most drownings involving children happen at times other than planned swim times. So, make sure that access to pool areas is kid-proof. Obviously, children should always be actively watched when they are near the water. Accidents can also happen poolside. If your child is seriously injured at a swimming pool other than your own this summer, it might be time to consult with a personal injury attorney. We can help.


Most modern playgrounds are designed with kids in mind and are quite safe, but they must be maintained to keep them that way. Do a quick inspection of the playground before letting a child roam free on it. Look for sharp edges, loose fittings, frayed ropes, and other signs of needed repairs. If you find some, let the park owner know so that they can take steps to prevent someone from being injured. If your child is seriously injured at a public playground this summer, it might be time to consult with a personal injury attorney. We can help.

Defective Products.

We take design safety for granted in this country. You can blame it on the lawyers, but it is comforting to know that most companies try to design their products with safety in mind – especially those used by children. Unfortunately, many make it to the market only to find some inherent danger after it’s too late. This often results in products being recalled. Just because you find something for sale does not mean that it hasn’t been recalled. While those products should be removed from the shelves, many find their way to discount stores. And you may have items in your home that have been recalled. You can find a listing of recalled products here.

Although we hope everyone enjoys a safe summer, these are the types of things we deal with every day. Please let us know if our personal injury attorneys can help.


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