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Huntsville Divorce Lawyer

For those of you looking for Huntsville divorce attorneys who understand how stressful and anxious you may be about a high-asset divorce, attorney Rebekah McKinney provides a strong presence both at the negotiation table and in court, working hard for a resolution that protects, preserves, or obtains the assets, wealth, and property you deserve.

High-asset divorces call for compassion, strength, patience, understanding, and most importantly, results. Not many lawyers can provide all of those qualities with the experience that attorney Rebekah McKinney can. And, our divorce law firm has been doing it for years.


Divorce lawyer Rebekah McKinney has handled many high-asset, high-value divorces. She does not shy away from adversity, bullies, or challenging situations. She is ready to become your advocate. Whether you are facing an amicable uncontested divorce or an extended battle, Rebekah does what it takes to provide you with the results you need and deserve. 

What is Considered a High-Asset Divorce?

If there are assets that will need to be divided including, but not limited to, interests in businesses, business property, real estate investments, and stock portfolios, your divorce could be considered a high-asset divorce.  

Our divorce law firm provides a full range of divorce services including those relating to:
  • Family assets and family businesses

  • High-income professions

  • Trusts, real estate trusts, and voting trusts

  • Sub-S Corporations, professional corporations, and closely held corporations

  • Limited partnerships

  • Timber leases, oil leases, and mineral interests

  • Retirement funds

  • Stock portfolios

  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

High-Asset Family Law Matters

In addition to those listed above, our high-asset divorce law firm provides a full range of associated services. 

  • Child Support & Child Custody

  • Paternity

Alimony & Spousal Support

When awarding alimony, courts take many things into account including the length of the marriage, earning power, and other relevant information. Our law firm has represented wives and husbands in seeking and defending claims for alimony. Let us help you.

Attorney Rebekah McKinney knows what the courts are likely to do with a given set of facts. That is invaluable. We will not pursue a position that you are not likely to win. But, we will vigorously pursue what is right, fair, and reasonable. Our knowledge and experience will help you make an informed decision on any offers of settlement and will serve you well when an advocate is required in court.​

High Asset Divorce Mistakes

A divorce lawyer experienced in high-asset divorces can help protect a client from the mistakes that individuals are prone to make. They are used to the pressures and the emotions. They are patient and prepared and can help ensure that their clients are both. They can also help a client avoid unreasonable positions that will cost them more in the long run.


Below are some high asset divorce mistakes to avoid making:

1. Being Impatient

Often, one or more of the parties to a high-asset divorce is impatient with the process. Divorces are painful for both parties, even for those who “want” the divorce. The thought is that if they hurry through the process the pain will be less or lessened. However, impatience in a high-asset divorce can cause lasting pain. In a hurry to move on, a party may:

  • Agree to take less than they should

  • Fail to adequately evaluate alternatives

  • Fail to properly value the assets involved

  • Agree to take cash instead of an asset whose value is unknown or whose liquidity is questioned

  • Fail to consider the tax impacts of an asset or the transfer of its ownership

  • Fail to objectively value the assets at stake


2. Being Unprepared

One of the biggest mistakes that individuals make in a high-asset divorce is to begin the process without preparing for it. This does not mean that assets should be hidden, or any fraudulent conduct should take place. However, there are things that can be done in anticipation of a high-asset divorce that can result in a more advantageous position in the divorce or a better outcome at the end of it. You don’t enter a marriage without planning for it, and there is usually a lot more to consider when dissolving one.


3. Being Unreasonable

Emotions run high in every divorce. Pain, anger, frustration, and disappointment are just a few of the myriad emotions that a couple will face during the process. However, making tactical or strategic decisions when clouded by emotions or in seeking to address an emotion rarely results in improving one’s financial position. Being unreasonable when it comes to making decisions on asset division or a negotiation strategy usually costs more in attorneys’ fees at a minimum but more often also results in a diminished financial position. Emotions will lessen and heal. Financial implications cannot usually be undone.


4. Being Unrepresented

Many individuals facing a high-asset divorce foolishly try to do it themselves or try to save money by not hiring an experienced lawyer soon enough. This always costs more in the long run, either in additional attorneys’ fees or in a diminished financial outcome.

If you have a complex situation or high-asset divorce, our Huntsville divorce law firm has the financial and results-oriented know-how to guide and protect you.

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Watson McKinney, LLP is a law firm located in Huntsville, Alabama, in the Historic YMCA Building. Our law firm focuses on litigation, high-asset divorce, business and commercial law, personal injury, car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, nursing home negligence, civil rights, and wage and hour.

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