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Huntsville paternity attorney


Huntsville Paternity Attorney

Paternity matters involve more than determining whether someone fathered a child. And, there are certain rights, duties, and obligations that go along with that determination. And they can be long-lasting and substantial.​

These can be very sensitive issues that Huntsville paternity attorney Rebekah McKinney regularly handles with the utmost compassion and confidentiality.

Some paternity actions are initiated by the mother of a child who is seeking to collect child support from the purported father. Other cases are brought by men who wish to establish that a child is theirs in order to enforce custody or visitation rights. Our paternity law firm has represented every different party in these situations. Regardless of your circumstances, we understand where you are coming from and can economically and efficiently represent your interests.


Paternity actions are not resolved if and when a child’s father is established. There are rights and obligations that go along with that determination, and an experienced advocate is a must. If you find yourself in one of these situations, time is of the essence. You must act quickly. Call us today.

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