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Child Custody & Child Support

Huntsville Child Custody Attorney

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce involving children is custody and visitation. Huntsville child custody attorney Rebekah McKinney is committed to finding, pursuing, or defending positive solutions for your family.

Courts look to the best interest of the child in making decisions, and that decision may or may not reflect traditional custody arrangements. We know what the courts are likely to do and are experienced in obtaining results that are consistent and fair.​ We will not waste your time and money seeking an arrangement that a court would not likely award or approve. We have your best interest at heart.


Custody issues are more complicated than you may know. It can involve legal custody, physical custody, joint custody, or sole custody, and the way in which the custody and visitation will be handled can be customized for the given situation.


Regardless of what type of custody arrangements are agreed upon or ordered, difficulties interpreting those provisions or enforcing them often arise. Don’t make a bad situation worse by taking action without sound legal advice. Call us today. We can help.

Child Support

When there are children of a divorce, your financial future and your child's well-being become our Huntsville child support attorney's top priorities because they are yours.​

We won’t waste your time and money pursuing child support that is not warranted or that is not likely to be awarded. However, Huntsville child support attorney Rebekah McKinney will zealously advocate for what is fair and reasonable, regardless of whether you will be paying or receiving it. You will be well-equipped to make informed decisions on any potential compromise resolution and will have a strong advocate when you need it.​

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