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Huntsville's Growing Pains Will Equal More Accidents

The results of recent studies show what those of us in Huntsville already knew – we’re growing! Huntsville’s population grew by 2.1 percent – or close to 6,000 people – from 2019 to 2020. The metro area grew by another 4,000 people. That’s one of the fastest rates of growth in the country, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and when the city and metro figures are added, that’s 10,000 people added to the population in a single year. Huntsville has overtaken Birmingham as Alabama’s largest city, with a population of 215,006, according to the Census Bureau.

And, the Huntsville metro area is rapidly recovering economically from the pandemic ranking at the top of all American metro areas in percentage growth by the real estate technology provider Stessa. The Stessa report is the latest in a series of reports showing the city benefited from long-term investment by the federal government and the growing shift by job creators from big metropolitan areas to regional performers during the pandemic.

The corporate site selection website says the Huntsville Metro area is the nation’s No. 4 “magnet for millennials” and No. 6 tech hub for growth potential.

While all of this growth is great, it’s not without growing pains. Infrastructure necessarily lags growth. Governments are loathed to spend money on improvements until they are needed. And then they take time. This means there is inevitably a period where there are too many people, too many cars, too many trucks in the same place at the same time, and a transitional period with construction making travel more hazardous.

The result: More accidents. Whether caused by the negligence of other drivers or the congestion or the construction zones, an increased number of accidents results.

The good news is that we are growing not just in number but in affluence, wealth, and financial success. Most of those responsible for accidents are insured or financially able to deal with the consequences of their negligence.

In order to maximize your recovery from death or serious injury as the result of an auto accident or truck accident, you cannot rely on insurance companies nor billboard lawyers. You need an experienced Huntsville accident attorney who puts your interest first, someone who will tenaciously fight for all that you deserve, and someone experienced in the courtroom when negotiations fail. The accident lawyers at Watson McKinney are here for you. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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