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Dangerous or Defective Products

Huntsville Defective Product Attorney

Huntsville defective product attorney Rebekah McKinney serves as your strong legal ally to take on the negligent manufacturers who cause injuries due to dangerous or defective products.


Safety systems like seat belts or airbags should not fail because of manufacturer defects. Yet, sadly, the products that we rely on every day for our safety often fail us, resulting in serious illness or injury. Manufacturers who create products that don't work the way they are intended and ultimately cause injuries to innocent victims should be responsible for their negligence.

If you have been the victim of a defective product, we can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Our legal team deals with a wide range of defective products, with a track record of success.

Defective Consumer Products

Unfortunately, corporate negligence can be found everywhere. The products you use every day can be constructed with faulty manufacturing or dangerous materials, leading to an accident that can cause serious injury. 

Some common defective products include:

  • Child safety seats

  • Appliance defects

  • Lawn equipment defects

  • Defective seat belts

  • Defective airbags

  • Tire blowouts

  • Auto defects

  • Non-flame-retardant upholstery

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