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Divorce: A Woman's Perspective

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The relationship between a lawyer and a client is an important one. It must be a good fit, built on trust and understanding. You should never hire a lawyer based solely on recommendations, advertisements, or Google reviews. A good fit for one person or one situation is not necessarily a good fit for another.

One’s perspective is created from their experiences, knowledge, and circumstances. A lawyer and a client do not have to share the same perspective, but it is important for a lawyer to understand her client’s perspective. And it’s important for a client to benefit from his lawyer’s perspective. A client should consider what perspectives a prospective lawyer brings. How do you know your potential lawyer’s perspectives? Ask.

I’m a woman. And a mother. I’ve been through a divorce. And, I’m a lawyer who handles divorces. Do I enjoy divorces? No. Be wary of a lawyer who enjoys the traumatic emotional, social, mental, and financial pains associated with divorce. But I enjoy helping people. That is why I am a lawyer.

I offer a unique perspective to my clients who are dealing with divorce. For women clients, I understand where they are coming from. I understand what is important to them and why. For men, I understand where women are generally coming from, what is important to them, and why. I don’t shy away from my experiences. I use them for the benefit of my clients.

There are some great divorce lawyers out there who are men, and others who have never been divorced, and still others who don’t have children. But their perspective is different. They might be a good fit for someone going through a divorce given the specifics of their case.

Regardless of a client’s situation, doing a little homework when selecting an attorney is important. Do some research. Ask questions. Make an informed decision.

I don’t just do divorces. And I don’t take every divorce case that comes my way. But, if I take your case, you can be assured that it will get the attention, expertise, and experience that it needs. All with the added benefit of my perspective – a woman’s.


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