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It’s That Time of Year Again – A Reminder That Things Are Not as They Should Be

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The advertisers and marketers are inundating us with those cute, perky images of the perfect holiday – heartfelt and painfully thoughtful gifts; the ever-helpful, supportive and loving family working together to decorate their cozy, warm home for the holidays; and those inclusive, welcoming, and heart-warming family gatherings around a perfectly organized and relaxed kitchen followed by an exquisite, mouth-watering holiday meal. A stark contrast to your experience? Is your holiday experience more like a reality TV show?

While life is simply never as perfect as we or the advertisers would like us to believe, the holidays often illustrate all that is wrong with a marriage and its impact on the family. Instead of bringing out the best in people at a time with its inherent challenges, the pressures of the holidays seem to bring out the worst. Compounding the frustration is the holidays coming at the end of the year, when we find ourselves reflecting on the year that has been and planning and projecting the year that is to come. For many clients, this seems to be the time they realize that enough is enough. They need to take some action to make their life better, to make plans for changes that will allow them to live a life a little closer to how it should be, and to improve the lives of everyone impacted by that relationship gone bad.

Of course, these are not decisions that should be made in haste or anger. And reality cuts both ways. But an exploration of options helps one make an informed decision. And nothing so serious should be done without proper planning. It’s never too early to begin planning. Even if things work out, knowing the alternatives and doing some planning is never a bad idea. It might just give you the perspective necessary to make it another year.

We know what it’s like. We know how hard it is. And we understand what you’re going through. Take control. Learn what different scenarios may look like. Be ready.

And for those clients who didn’t have a choice about what to do, who are reacting to an adverse action taken by a spouse, the need for immediate, experienced assistance is not a luxury but a necessity. We understand those pressures too.

Our Huntsville divorce lawyers are here to help. Our goal is client satisfaction. We aren’t going to push a client in any direction. We simply help them make informed decisions about what is best for them. And we are here for them every step of the way, giving them an effective and persuasive voice in their future and the opportunity for a life that is closer to what it should be.


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