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“Marriage Story” & Selecting a Divorce Attorney

You may have heard about Noah Baumbach’s movie “Marriage Story.” Since its release on Netflix in December 2019, the movie has garnered a lot of attention from streamers and critics alike. sums up “Marriage Story:”

In addition to attention, the film has garnered awards nominations and wins at the 92nd Academy Awards, the 77th Golden Globe Awards, and the BAFTA Film Awards, with actress Laura Dern winning the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in her portrayal as Nora Fanshaw, Nicole’s (portrayed by Scarlett Johansson) lawyer.

“Marriage Story” has brought the issue of divorce and, and the divorce attorney, to the forefront of viewers’ minds. If you have faced a divorce and looked for a divorce attorney, how did you go about finding one, and what criteria did you use to select one?

You probably asked friends, family, and perhaps co-workers for a reference. Your first criteria may have been affordability. But, if your divorce involved minor children and issues of custody and support, you were more likely to select an attorney who is tough and can fight for you on those issues, just as Nicole and Charlie did in “Marriage Story.”

Our Huntsville divorce attorneys have the experience and results-oriented focus to guide and protect someone in this vulnerable position. Child support and custody issues are emotionally challenging and can have long-lasting impacts. We understand and can help through these challenging times with a laser focus on our clients’ wants, needs, rights, and their and their children’s future.

Contact us today if you have questions about a divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, paternity, or pre- and post-nuptial agreements by calling us at 800-294-5112.


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